powered cable drum 7 ton

Motorised A Frames

These powered cable drum carriers can collect redundant cable and distribute new cable by using a hand held remote control pad. The drums have 7 ton capacity and can handle drums from 900mm up to 2400mm diameter. The operator is positioned on the ground away from the trailer and drum so the operator is not at risk of falling off …

Sorting Grabs

Sorting grabs are connected to the host machine by both the pins on the end of the excavator arm, and therefore the grabs can be positioned vertically, horizontally¬†or any angle in between, We can supply sorting grabs for a 5 ton mini to a 50 ton excavator, where the machine will require 2 hydraulic feeds to operate the powered rotation …



The hydraulically powered flail can be fitted on posi tracks, backhoes and excavators to cut thick grass on embankments, brush, and to flail branches on trees up to 100mm thick.

128 & auger


Available with extensions to give 9 metres depth. Drill sizes 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1200mm

128 & LOG GRAB

Log Grabs

For handling multiple sleepers, scrap rail or vegetation. WLL (SWL) of 3 ton.

ZX50 mini digger and stantion base Grab


Hydraulically powered rotation clamshell grabs to suit excavators from 5 ton to 35 ton

pallet forks

Pallet Forks

Free hanging pallet forks for unloading palletised loads or packs of sleepers up to 2 ton in weight.