ZX225 & uc at Stowe 18 06 14

Hitachi ZX225

Weighing in at 23 tons the Hitachi ZX225USR combines the strength of a 23 ton excavator with the nimbleness of a 13 ton zero tail swing excavator. It is the perfect machine for loading trains in tunnels, platforms or where there are lots of trackside structures.


  • Fitted with check valves on boom and dipper to avoid the arm lowering if a hose burst.
  • Fitted with a RCI (RATED CAPACITY INDICATOR which is a computer that calculates the Safe Working load and sounds an overload alarm should it be exceeded) for crane applications.
  • Fitted with height and slem limiters.
  • Fitted with auxiliary pipelines for attachments such as hydraulic hammers, clamshell grab, sorting grab, lifting beam, sleeper unloading grab, rock grapple etc.

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ZX225 & 128 AT Stowe 18 6 14