giga railer

Giga Railer

Weighing in at 30 tons and having the capability to travel whilst carring 12 tons whilst in rail mode, the Giga railer is one of the best hi rail cranes ever built.


  • Fitted with height and slew limiting devices that can be locked to prevent the machine entering restricted areas.
  • Fitted with an RCI (Rated Capacity Indicator) which locks the machines hydraulics  as the machine approaches a down rated safe working load to prevent the machine becoming unstable.
  • Machines have successfully been certified and worked under live 25,000 volt overhead powerlines in various countries. we hope to be able to offer this service to our Australia customers in the near future.
  • Giga railers have the capability to use pre-selected hydraulic pressure and flow settings by adjusting a switch in the cab so when attachments are fitted the machines are working to the optimum level.
  • Fitted with twin cabs, articulating booms and emergency recovery engines.