Komatsu pc 128 and universal panel -rail beam

Komatsu PC 128

The Komatsu 128 has proven itself as a good all round machine offering good reach at 6.5 metres and good rip out force.

The Komatsu PC128 is predominantly used for track renewal projects but is versatile enough to be used on a UTX’s, stanchion base projects and drainage sites. With zero tail swing, rubber encapsulated track pads and articulating boom it is suited to most excavation work.


  • Fitted with check valves on boom and dipper to avoid the arm lowering if a hose burst.
  • Fitted with a RCI (RATED CAPACITY INDICATOR which is a computer that calculates the Safe Working load and sounds an overload alarm should it be exceeded) for crane applications.
  • Fitted with electronic height limiter and physical & electronic fail safe slew limiter for working adjacent to live lines and overheads.
  • Fitted with auxilary pipelines for attachments such as hydraulic hammers, clamshell grab, sorting grab, lifting beam, sleeper unloading grab, rock grapple etc.
  • Emergency recovery engine.

Komatsu pc128 fitted with engcon tilt rotator and mud bucketKomatsu pc128 fiyted with engcon tilt rotator and mud bucket

Komatsu 128 and log grab



128 at lands 1 (Medium)128 at Hunter Valley (Medium)128 & auger (Medium)