Caterpillar 980G

This is arguably the best loading shovel in its class. weighing 38.5 tons, fitted with a 6 cubic meter bucket, it is suited to both quarrying work and rail applications.


  • Fitted with weighload computer that will add the weight of the material loaded onto the truck or train until the operator clicks the total button. this allows each vehicle to be loaded to the optimum amount without exceeding the permitted amount.
  • Fitted with reversing camera and auto brakes. If the 980G Is reversing and an object comes into its range on the camera, the computer locks the brakes on.
  • Driver¬†comfort: as the 980G is fitted out with air-con., touch sensitive joysticks, air ridden seat, quick rack steering, and¬†2 computer controlled systems the driver is still working to the optimum level after 12 hours in the seat.
  • Can be fitted with forks, log grab, crane beam.

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