Piling Heads

2011-03-04_10-07-55_621_Manchestervibro piling (2)


The vibrating piling head can pick up, place, then drive tubular piles ranging in diametre from 250mm up to 762 mm. The piling head vibrates at a frequency that liquifies most materials at the cutting edge and allows the excavator that it is attached to, to gently force the pile into the ground. The amount of time taken to drive a 8 metre long pile to ground level depends on the types of ground material that the pile is to be driven through.

If the pile is being driven through clay, the clay absorbs the energy that the vibrating piling head delivers, rendering it ineffective. An impact hammer is then used, where a 2.5 ton drop weight fixed to a leader is used as an impact hammer to drive the pile home.1 pile per hour is a reasonable ‘ rule of thumb’ when considering factors like on- tracking, loading the piles onto the trailers, traveling to site and setting the pile up accurately are taken into consideration.