Low Lowder

Low Lowder

130 ton rated prime mover and float. Available with trombone (extending) trailer ant tipping trailer

hino 700 and 4CX

Tray Body (18 ton carrying capacity)

The 2500mm wide x 5800mm long tray can be lowered using the big hook loader so that the tray is flat on the ground. The tray can be detached from the big hook loader in a matter of seconds so the truck can be used elsewhere whilst the tray is being loaded.

Hino 700 18500 litre water cart

Water Cart

This 18,500 litre water tank is mounted on a big hook tray to allow the truck to change from water cart to tipper, to tray body, to vacuum tank, to concrete mixer in a matter of minutes. The spraying unit is remote control operated from a hand set to control the direction of spray. This unit self-pumps from dams, or …