225 & octopus

6 leg Octopus

Can lay 6 narrow, standard and broad gauge sleepers at a time to the set spacings . Can achieve 2.5 km per day.

128 and uni beam at Ipswich

Rail Beam

These beam are universal, so they can lift track panels or single rails. The WLL (SWL) is 10 ton.

128 hi rail and brush

Ballast brush

Can remove ballast from 4 foot or sleeper ends and deposit on sleeper shoulders. This brush can do turnouts and plain line.

128 narrow gauge hi rail profiling

Profile bucket

Profile buckets available in narrow and standard gauge

128 & rail trailer


The trailer can carry cable drum carriers, concrete mixers, elevated work platforms, water tanks, concrete pumps as well as rail materials and plant

128 with 4 leg octopus

4 leg Octopus

Can lay 4 narrow, standard and broad gauge sleepers at a time to the set spacings. Can achieve 2 km per day.

128 AND TAMP at Ipswich


This tamper can tamp plain line and turnouts on the road the hi rail is on, or the adjacent lines.

log grab with shells

Rock Grapple

Hydraulically powered rotation rock grabs/ grapples to suit excavators 35 ton to 50 ton. Perfect for sea defence work


Undercutter Bar

The undercutter pictured has been specially designed and made for undercutting turnouts and crossings. It’s blade, which works in a simular way to a chainsaw,┬ámeasures 4.5 metres in length so that access is only require from one side of the track. As all of Shovlin Plant’s hi-rails have slew limiting devices fitted, this allows the adjacent line to remain open …

Piling Heads

  The vibrating piling head can pick up, place, then drive tubular piles ranging in diametre from 250mm up to 762 mm. The piling head vibrates at a frequency that liquifies most materials at the cutting edge and allows the excavator that it is attached to, to gently force the pile into the ground. The amount of time taken to …